Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Blog & Baseball

It's about time for me to begin a new blog. I am making the move from Tumblr to Blogger. We will see if this is a permanent space or if I will pack up and move on, again.

Life throws curve balls sometimes and when you are not good at the game of baseball, the curve balls seem a bit reckless and cruel. Every Friday, my boyfriend plays in a church softball league. I wouldn't say that it has caused me to appreciate the sport anymore than before, but it has caused me to further appreciate people, conversation, and sunshine.

As I sit in a fold-up chair with my boyfriends mom, we talk about anything from the arbitrary to the more sentimental of topics. Around us, there are conversations between children, couples, and the players. Sometimes the games seem to go fast and sometimes they are a bit slower. The weather is not consistent. There are times when we feel like we are going to freeze and the heat of the car seems to be calling for us and there are moments when the sun is blaring down on us, causing momentary blindness to what lies ahead.

For me, these moments are relatable to the greater view of life. We know that the ball will be thrown. We do not know if it will be thrown well; we do not know if it will hit us; we do not know if we will be able to hit it, but there is a decision that needs to be made whether or not we are going to make the attempt. After all, the purpose for being up to bat is to hit the ball (and hope that it is not caught).

Life is full of moments that we have choices to make. We are given the opportunity to try. Often times, we feel defeated before we even have the ball thrown in our direction and, with this, it is our responsibility to make a decision - do we swing the bat or do we avoid the ball? It often feels more enticing to avoid it and pray that they are counted as "balls" and we are granted a walk. But, there is always the chance that if we swing, we just may be able to hit the ball and get there, just the same, but it was because of the effort we put into the game.

If we put effort into our work, relationships, and life in general, we may just get to where we are supposed to be. It is possible that without the work, we may get to where we want to be, but it is really quite as fulfilling? Personally, I don't think so. I have seen and am around individuals that have gotten to where they are with minimal effort. When I see where I am and the work I have placed into getting to where I currently am (although it is not quite where I want to be), I have a sense of accomplishment. Life (and baseball) are not easy. They require work and dedication in order to do our best, but that work plays a part in what makes you a priceless commodity.

Push forward and brace yourself for what is yet to come, because where there is effort, there are moments to be remembered and a much fuller life ahead of you. The journey is important and the conversations, people, and sunshine are all part of what makes this life great and worth participating in. Batter up...

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